Service User Charter 


Our Service User Charter outlines our commitments to best practice standards. Each and every day we demonstrate our commitment to the principles of quality and choice, supporting people and their carers to lead normal lives within local communities.


It is our belief that you are: an individual with a right to live life as independently as possible. We encourage our staff to respect you and recognize your rights as an individual. These are the principles that lie behind the standards of care we provide.


We strive at all times to maintain the levels of care we advocate here. However if our standards are not being met you should contact our Coordinator of Services to discuss any area of dissatisfaction.




We believe Service Users have the right to:

  • Live the lifestyle of their choosing.
  • Be treated as an individual.
  • Have their dignity respected.
  • Care for themselves as far as they are able.
  • Have their political, cultural, ethnic, religious, sexual and emotional needs accepted and respected.
  • Independence, choice and responsibility for their actions.
  • Privacy and confidentiality.


All people have the right to live in a way that maximizes their potential and maintains their personal independence.


Everyone has the right to personal privacy within their own home. We expect our staff to be courteous to you and respect your right to privacy. In doing this we will call you by your preferred title or name.


Your Solus Support Worker will only go into parts of your home where he or she has been given permission to do so. Your Support Worker will always respect your right to privacy and dignity when providing support to you.


He or she will respect your right to confidentiality and will only take part in personal meetings and conversations when it is necessary or when you have agreed to this.


You will only be asked for information about yourself that is essential to the delivery of Support  Services.


Our workers are trained to practice your right to privacy.


We believe service users have the right to:

  • Information on the role, function and cost of any service, its aims and objectives and any access criteria for services.
  • Information on how to rearrange, request additional help and services or cancel services.
  • Receive notification in advance of any changes to the services.
  • Know about the decisions made and services planned.
  • Have access to written information prepared by Solus Support Services
  • Confidentiality
  • Receive information in a method appropriate to their needs.


There may be reasons that make you want to change an aspect of the service provided to you. This may involve the day or times when you get service, or it may be you feel another Solus Support Worker would be beneficial or you no longer want a particular task or service to be provided. You should contact the Solus Service Coordinator to discuss your reasons for wanting a change to your service.


Assessing Need


We believe service users have the right to:

  • Participate in the development of our individual plan of care and to choose whether or not to participate at any point in its implementation.
  • Be informed of the decisions following any assessment and review.
  • Be consulted regarding the provision, amendment or withdrawl of our service.
  • Refuse any service offered.


A personal plan will be developed with you that details your needs and preferences and sets out how they will be met, in a way that you find acceptable.


Your personal plan should include information and decisions about:

  • What you prefer to be called
  • Personal preferences.
  • Social cultural and spiritual preferences.
  • Hobbies, leisure activities.
  • Your current plan regarding interventions and strategies to support any cognitive, emotional, behavioral, communication impairments you may have as a result of your ABI
  • Who should be involved in reviewing your personal plan.
  • What communication arrangements need to be in place if your first language is not English.
  • When and under what circumstances friends, relatives and carers will be contacted.
  • The person to contact if you want to express concerns about our services.
  • The name and background of any Support Worker who will be working with you.



You can ask for your care needs to be reviewed at any time.


If you want to stop your home support service you should contact the Solus Support Coordinator and explain why you want service withdrawn. They will give you any necessary advice before withdrawing services.


Staff Support


We believe service users have the right to:

  • Skilled, sensitive support from trained and experienced workers, to enable them to achieve the highest possible quality of life.
  • Be informed of the training, experience and other qualifications of the support worker.
  • Have support services that are culturally appropriate.


All Solus Support Services staff have:

  • Education qualifications in a related discipline
  • Experience working with individuals with complex needs
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Undergone an extensive interview and reference check process
  • Have passed a criminal reference check
  • Liability coverage through Solus Support Service


The service you require should be consistent and reliable in terms of who is giving you support and also in the way and timing of how it is given. You should be notified in advance of any necessary changes to the timing of your support service and who is your Support Worker.


Comments and Complaints


We believe service users have the right to:


  • Make comment about the quality of services provided and for any views to be recorded.
  • Information about and access to a formal complaints procedure.
  • Express their comments or complaints in a language or method appropriate to their needs.


If you have complaints about any aspect of the service you should, in the first instance, contact the Solus Coordinator.


If you wish to make a formal complaint the appropriate form will be sent to you. On returning this, you will be advised of the time-scales involved to investigate your complaint and any other information felt relevant.


Please remember:


  • Support workers are not allowed to accept gifts, gratuities or loans.
  • Nor can they assist you in legal matters such as being a witness to a will.
  • They cannot use cash points to obtain money for you.
  • Nor can they carry large amounts of money on their person.
  • They are not permitted to buy you alcohol or cigarettes. .
  • They should not smoke in your home or in the community when on outings with you nor ask you if they can.
  • You should not contact your support worker when they are off duty.
  • You should always contact the Service Coordinator if you need to speak to a Solus.
  • Always let your Solus Service Coordinator know if you will not be at home when your support worker is due, or if you have someone coming to visit you at the same time.